Friends say Thank You
Pieter Kleij Looks cool, man. Lots of great info.
ilya Cool site. Thank you for your great work.
ZoSo59 Great site, Tim! It's a new bookmark for me too.
Nina Sieker Very cool, Tim! I like the cluster map! Calendarís good, too.
chas Your site is laid out very well and easy to navigate. Good job my friend.
Dave Lewis Enjoyed the site - excellent idea re the Plantations - will get a links reference on our site as soon as we can
Randy What a f***in' great idea! I take my hat off to anyone who has the patience to listen to thousands of hours of tape to extract tidbits of info. Well done. I'm proud to add your link to my site.
Craig Zerba I think the ramblings are kinda neat. Perhaps our singer should give a listen. Do you have ramblings from Jimmy Page also? I do have a question though ... I was looking around on your website, but was unable to listen to any of the live ramblings. How can I listen to them? Or is it just the transcripts?
frizzelle1 Your site looks good.
Steve Z I think itís a really cool site, and itís coming along well!
dadgad great site indeed, great job!
julesmctrainspotter Well done with this website and good luck with it for the future!
adamhlava Your site is fantastic. Immediately bookmarked.
Mat Smith Just checked out the site. Very cool.
Tanya Tait SWEET!
ledzepp73 Just checked it out - I love the calender!!! Thanks for the time you put into that
zep-fan I think it could be great if the author of RambleOnZep can gathering a mass of photos and try to relate them all to selected tour dates. The Russian site ( is great too but it not works properly and there are some problems with English. With BootLedZ, Underground Uprising, AirRaid, Led Zeppelin Database ( - another new one), Set In Led, Led Zeppelin Sessions, Electric Magic, Achilles Last Stand and few more this site would be Top 10 of all sites devoted to "mighty" Led Zeppelin.
acmequaaludecoltd Just checked it out. Pretty cool! As a big fan of Plantations, I can't wait 'til you get to '75
zoso411 great work, I was always looking for something like this. I'm no native english- speaker so I often don't understand the Plantations. This site is really helpful for me
Dantheman Very nice work teembo!!! Personally I'm not a fan of "chatter".....having been a road manager for a band thet averaged 290 shows a year for many years.....I know it's just jibberish to kill silence and more often than not...not very well thought out before opening their mouth....I'm sure it's great fun for those with an interest...and a definite way of identifying But for me......I LOVE the calendar...w/ poster/ticket stubb/etc... THAT part KICKS ASS!!!!!!
dcbullet My god, that must take A LOT of work and time! Looks great and very user friendly.
flipzoso I second the liking of it! Awesome.
jamroom I'm liking it!
Led-Zep Great idea and nice layout too.
leddyrocker Very nice job!
fsmith9095 Very cool site. Good resource. Love the calendar too.
de_bhal Good work Teembo
MattyJoe Wow, I'm impressed! You even have multiple bootleg sources! Love the calendars, It's a great way to show the dates. Excellent!
Zepconcertposters should have a list of maybe Plant's top 10 weirdest or funniest lines too somewhere. that would be interesting to read
Marilyn Robinson Nice looking! I've never wondered what Robert Plant says between songs at a concert, but you DO have me wondering who Robert Plant is in the first place. I guess my ignorance about Led Zeppelin is showing here.
Mike Crafts Damn dude, that is a lot off work. Looks good so far. Do you actually have some of those discs???
jeffk Wow. Looks like a big job.
Jamie Boswell The website seems to be OK.
Cathy Spears Very Cool!!